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    How to sim my character?

    How do I do this? I feel like I can make more of my character in PvE performance but I always reforge/gem my gear manually at own personal performance.
    Also I heard of some addon that reforges your gear automaticly to whats best for you, does this exist?

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    thanks a lot, the simcraft seems complicated though

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    There is a pretty good guide Evrelia did here:
    Sigh i can't post links, just go to Evrelia youtube channel and search it there.

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    1.) Download simcraft (http://simulationcraft.org/) download button in the upper right hand corner

    2.) Unzip the folder. (right click the folder you downloaded and chose where to unzip)

    3.) Open simcraft - its a black circle icon with the letter SC in gold.

    4.) Click import tab, type in your character name, and click on it. Than click import in the bottom right hand corner.

    5.) Click the options tab, and set your parameters, such as your skill (average, elite, good, fire is hot, etc).Also set iterations to 10k, and fight style to light movement (I BELIEVE this is the closest to most raids, but I could be off). Normally I use a fight length of around 450 seconds too.

    6.) Click the scaling tab which is under the options tab and chose to analyze all stats.

    7.) Click simulate, wait ~10-20 minutes, and VOILA!

    Darkfriend : 97161 dps
    Race: OrcClass: WarriorSpec: ArmsLevel: 90Role: AttackPosition: back
    Results, Spec and Gear
    DPS DPS(e) DPS Error DPS Range DPR RPS Out RPS In Primary Resource Waiting APM Active Skill
    97160.9 97160.9 62.64 / 0.06% 5202 / 5.4% 13997.0 6.9 7.0 Rage 0.09% 51.4 100.0% 100%
    Origin http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...riend/advanced
    Talents http://us.battle.net/wow/en/tool/tal...ator#Za!112221
    Glyphs unending_ragecolossus_smashdeath_from_aboveburning_angerblazing_trailthunder_strike
    Professions blacksmithing: 600enchanting: 600
    Scale Factors for Darkfriend Damage Per Second
    Str Agi AP Exp Hit Crit Haste Mastery Wdps Wspeed
    Scale Factors 2.50 0.00 1.12 3.23 4.10 1.34 0.79 0.72 9.71 885.31
    Normalized 1.00 0.00 0.45 1.29 1.64 0.54 0.32 0.29 3.88 353.66
    Scale Deltas 1000 1000 1000 -1000 -1000 1000 1000 1000 300 0.20
    Error 0.09 0.00 0.09 0.09 0.09 0.09 0.09 0.09 0.30 44.41

    Finally, you'll get a bunch of nice neat charts that display the information above. (I was too lazy to copy a screenshot so I just copy-pasted the results of my last sim.)

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    Although, make sure you set iterations up from 1000 to 25.000 or 50.000 and put threads to 4 or 8, depending on how many cores your processor has. Going by 1000 iterations only will give you a really small sample data, and the result will as such be unreliable. Also this will take way more than 10-20 minutes, I'd put 1 hour for this process to complete. Though, if you put the number of threads to the maximum, you won't be able to do much else in this process.

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