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    Warlock Leveling

    I'm leveling my old warlock that is level 50 and have no idea what spec to pick. I have no idea how to play the class because it is a lot different than when I last played. What spec, spells, and rotation should I use?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I liked demo the most when i leveled my lock. Dot up, spam shadow bolt, use hand of guldan. Basicly use everything thats not on cooldown and then spam shadowbolt. You dont need a "optimal rotation" when you level. The talent panel does a good job explaining the basics of the specc. I think the tab is called core spells or something.

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    I agree demo is best, but use Glyph of Demon Hunting. The Dark Apotheosis form turns you into a tank. You just run around tosses corruption on things, and your felguard kills them for you

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