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    Nice one!

    Curious to how you feel about the game(s) now that your goal is forfilled... Whats next? Will you be able to keep playing without this goal or will the interest wither and die?

    Can only answer for my self and I think my interest would wither if I managed what you've done (if it was a big goal that is) :/

    Quote Originally Posted by Liquidmist View Post
    Thanks all for the good wishes. I've set many other goals in life but this has been my major gaming one I also just graduated with my BA and am currently seeking employment! As for future gaming goals... I will probably try and hit 18k in WoW and then play some more D3 I enjoy that game and haven't played much since MoP released
    The answer were just above me :P
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    Well met!

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    I pretty much have over 95% on PvP, dungeons&raids, pet battles, exploration, general and world event, but under 20% on quests/rep/professions...
    I'll help you with PvP achis if you grind me loremaster

    Edit: You got the EXACT same UI as me. Almost same keybindings and exact same addons/layout. Creepy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kepuli View Post
    Actually it's not even hard to get sex even I have had sex and I am not much to look at..

    Stay on topic
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    Are you a wizard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    I think it's more impressive to say you had sex.

    I had sex.
    It'a funny how everyone constantly pulls this up. Having sex is nothing impressive, many people do it daily, but 25k achiev points accros Blizzard games? How many people have that?
    To OP: congratulations, impressive feat.

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    Gz OP, great work, nevermind the folks shoehorning in the fact that they got laid (lol). Don't let them rain on your parade for this is a great parade indeed, well done man.

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    Congrats! Impressive feat!
    i dinged 12k in WoW the other day after not playing much at all in cata, but wont feel "happy" until i reach atleast 15k.

    Thank you Shyama <3
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    You worked hard i know it first hand because i have lots of points myself in all 3 games.
    In wow i have 16100 achieve points, in D3 i have 3600 achieve points and in SC2 i have 900 achieve points, that's a total of 20600 achieve points not bad but nowhere near you.

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    Handed out infractions and warnings to people in here now..

    Stay on topic. There is noone that wants to read about your sexual experienceses here

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    Quite a cool feat, gratz.

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    That's impressive, gratz!
    Now Blizz needs to create more achievs so you have something to do hehe

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    what did you win?

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    Gratz, there should be an achievement for that.

    Pun totally intended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    I think it's more impressive to say you had sex.

    I had sex.

    Infracted, please stay on topic
    No it's not. Rats have sex all the fucking time.

    @OP: Gratz dude, really awesome! Some questions for you.

    What's your favorite SC2 portrait that you have?
    What class and race is your current main in WoW?
    What's the best item you've found in D3?
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    got a lot in wow, not so many in d3 since i don't realy like it, and since i loose to buddy of mine in sc1 i don't wana buy sc2 xD

    but congrats, nice to see some people fulfill the goals they set for themselfs
    i still work on 2 real life goals currently and on the "play every game over 8.0 score" , good thing the "watch every good movie of 2012" goal was pretty easy done xD

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    Fav SC 2 portrait is Mohandar
    In WoW I play a human priest, done so since vanilla I don't really have much for alts
    in D3 I found a Skorn the day they increased the legendary drop rate that ended up selling on the RMAH for the cap $250 USD

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    Grats. Anyone can belittle anyone else's accomplishments from a standpoint of "that's not important" (it's all relative folks), but I don't think anyone can deny the amount of effort this takes. Nice dedication!

    Curiosity, what's your /timeplayed on the priest? A scary number I'm sure!

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    Congratulations. A feat I'll never accomplish, good on you.
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    My time played on my priest is just under 375 days.... I guess that is not too scary hey, just over a year of my life played in the world... of warcraft

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    375? I've got 214 on my shaman and i thought I played alot!
    Have a cookie, you deserve one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyoken View Post
    The day I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.......

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