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    Lol, wicked Well done sir!
    <Sick Sense>

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    Thnx for great idea man! Now I have much to do in all Blizzard games - complete 100% all achievements in SK2, D3 and WoW.
    By the moment I have 19165 in WoW, 4090 in D3 and 1940 in SK2 = 25195 achievement points.

    Cant show proofs here - cause new on this forum (Errors - You are not allowed to post any kinds of links, images or videos until you post a few times.).
    But all proofs u can find in mine profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xupyko View Post
    Thnx for great idea man!

    18610 WOW, 4310 D3, 4630 SC2
    27550 now.

    with the new SC2 expansion coming next week and 5.2 WOW this week, i try to get to 30k
    i wont be playing D3 annymore, its boring as hell unfortunately :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    I think it's more impressive to say you had sex.

    I had sex.

    Infracted, please stay on topic
    Not really, sex happens all the time, having sex is just about the most common thing you can do.

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    Weird way to calculate achievs, I'm at 26000 or so since I quid d3 at 90-92% done ;p

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    @Stryder screenshots or it didnt happend.

    @OP > Gratz man hell of a job!

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    Congrats you like blizzard games, now post more epeen

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    I have about 18400 in WoW and 3600 in D3, total of 22000 points. I don't play SC2, and I prolly never will, so I can't fully compete in this ^^
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    Oh my lord, thiis is sick. Well done!

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