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    if i buy all expan version do i get 1month free?

    the title + i am going throu all that trouble for RaF so is it hard to find partner on some randoms sites? + if it is hard would u recommend not buying and look for partner and we decide the realm and lvl everything we want befor the raf expire?

    Sorry for the bad grammer S:

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    I believe the only one that grants game time is Vanilla. They may have changed it so that Vanilla no longer does, but regardless, none of the expansions have ever granted game time.
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    no free time and no idea never raf most people I know who do it do it themselves

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    hmm i am not sure but i believe i saw some sort of AD for being able to buy all expans around 2months ago? and get some free time or the time for that expired? ( or it never existed ><)

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    You get one free month when you buy the base game. That's it.

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    when you buy the battle chest (classic+bc+wotlk) you get 1month game time. catalysm and mop comes with no game time.

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    there is somthing with "upgrade to mop" that costs 55euro and the pic shows mop on big pic + cata and the battlechest
    i should be able to get 1month from that right?
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    when you buy the battle chest (classic+bc+wotlk) you get 1month game time. catalysm and mop comes with no game time.
    This is correct.

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