<The Continuum> is a 10 man guild on Elune, and has a track record of excellence which dates back to the end of TBC/start of WotLK. This included items such as the realm first kill on Eldre'thalas of Heroic Lich King, the Tier 10 Meta-achievement clear, and server first 10 man strict kills of Heroic Ragnaros and Sinestra. We are looking to fill a few pieces of our raid puzzle and hope that you can help us!

Continuum is currently 6/6 Heroic in MSV, with Heroic Will of the Emperor being downed recently.

We run a small roster, no bench. Once you're in, you're in with no fear of being sat against your will. Your spot is secure! We have one player as a substitute player who keeps his gear relevant for current content. Our substitute raider only raids if someone will be missing.

When it rains, it pours. We filled out DPS hole with an amazing hunter, and our Warrior Tank has to head off to Real Life duties effective immediately. He will be sorely missed, but the show must continue. Thus, we are currently in need of a plate tank, with DPS offspec.

We opted to clear out MSV completely before entering HoF heroics. After only roughly 14 pulls, we downed Blade Lord. After an hour of Garalon we had a... Brace yourselves. A .004% wipe.

All that being said:

All we ask for is your attendance, awareness, and (relatively) competitive OS DPS.

<The Continuum> raids Monday through Thursday, 9pm-12am Eastern time.

My Battle Tag is Daltin#1235.