Jokers Wild is recruiting a dependable Hunter or Elemental Shaman to round out our raid group. We've lost a couple people due to RL, and are looking to complete our roster so we can get consistent progression going. Most of our core group has been raiding together since WotLK, so we're a fairly competent group of people who like to hang out together and kill bosses at the same time.

Our core group:
Brewmaster Monk
Protection Paladin
Resto/Feral Druid
Holy Priest
Holy Paladin

Looking For:
Elemental Shaman

As you can see, we have no one to use any mail gear, and only one other class to share tier tokens. We are looking to fill this spot asap so that we can stop pugging and roll with a full group.

Our raiding times are only 2 nights a week, Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-10pm Server Time (CST).

For more info, either PM me or log on and whisper Kyôshi, Juddory, or Hypershark.