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    Soul of the Forest over Incarnation?


    I was wondering if I should pick Soul of the Forest over Incarnation as resto druid.
    Our raid healer comp contains me, paladin and resto shaman. So is SoF better than Incarnation at this point?
    If it isn't now would it be when 5.2 hits and its effect is increased to 75% haste buff from 50%?

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    In that comp, you've got the paladin covering the tank heals and the shaman covering the stacked AoE and tank heals. You wont have alot todo with those two. I'd go ToL as it offers on demand burst or mana saving opportunities. I also like the SoTf but it's very restrictive in that it doesnt really do much for anything bar WG. Stay with ToL.

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    I always use SOTF if theres any kinda AOE damage goin on.. its way better... i only use tree form on certain fights where i need to spam heal and move or something... like imperial viz (1st boss HOF) in heroic.. im the healer that has to stay with the tank on my own, so popin tree formin and spamin regrowth is way better than sotf there.. however most likely ur paladin would do that, as he can use bops etc... so ud probably be healin the raid, in which case SOTF is better imo

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    10 or 25 man? 10 man I would got SotF, 25 man your choice but I prefer Incarnation.

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    If you have 4set I'd go with SotF (and WG glyphed), as that makes the Swiftmend and WG cd's line up perfectly.

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    Any good druid will swap depending on the fight. I go through a massive amount of tomes. Each has its advantages, the same goes for HOTW and NV.
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    Currently SotF is a minor healing loss, even on aoe fights. With 5.2 that should even out to make either of them equally powerful, and truly a matter of preference. SotF should not be better than Incarnation in output come 5.2, just equal. Fights where there is little AOE, say Lei Shi or Spirit Binder, Incarnation is significantly better. The average fight with mixed single and aoe will favor Incarnation.
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    Thanks this helped me a lot (:

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    I've always used SOTF, as I love the SM/WG combo. But that's just me...our 10m comp is usually myself and 2 other priest heals, or just me and one of them. Seems to works out fine.

    I can't wait til they fix 'shrooms!
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    Please make sure to say [Resto] next time you start a topic for resto druids on this forum. Helps organize the mess

    As for ur question: SoF = constant heavy aoe damage (i.e. Garalon). Incarnation best everywhere else.

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