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    [Resto] Is 2nd haste cap worth it for me?

    Basically I have been looking into going for the 6652 haste cap for the extra tick of WG

    (Cannot link armory due to post count, but the character is Áyen on Al'Akir EU)

    From what I have worked out I will lose the following:

    803 Mastery
    967 Spirit
    1283 Crit
    240 Int

    Leaving my end stats at the following:

    15984 Int
    9462 Spirit
    3266 Mastery
    6652 Haste

    I am unsure as to whether or not that the extra wg tick negates the drop in stats, any input would be greatly appreciated on whether or not it is worthwhile for me to go for the haste cap.

    Thanks for reading,

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    Your lost stats are about as close as anyone would have to being perfect case, but you'll still be better off staying as you are. At best you'll break even, and only in certain situations (where WG is your highest heal, which doesn't happen often).

    If the buff to SotF comes through at 70% in 5.2 it might make the 5730 breakpoint worthwhile on fights with a good amount of WG. I think it will still be about even, and it will be player's choice, not a clear advantage either way. If you like the synchronized SM/WG you should be able to SotF at 5730 and not lose throughput to a non SotF with 3043 haste.
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    If you could reach it without having to sacrifice Mastery I would say go for it but with current gear, no.

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    The simple answer is no. The longer answer is still no.

    What you're asking is: Is a 12.5% increase in the potential healing done of Wild Growth worth a loss of 3,600 stat points (and the fact that some of those stats are coming from int means you're giving up closer to 3,800 stat points)?

    Comparing the values:
    3,800 Mastery =~ 7.9% increased healing from Mastery. (Realistically, it's closer to a ~7% increase to healing done considering it's added on top of what you already have.)
    3,800 Crit =~ 6.3% increased healing from Crit. (Again, since you already have crit, this added crit is worth about ~5% increased healing done.)

    Also, as a point of comparison (just so people understand the value of spirit compared to other stats — or more accurately, its lack of value):
    3,800 Spirit =~ 15 extra casts of Rejuv during a 6 minute fight, which isn't really that many more casts, so it's certainly not worth adding the stats to spirit.

    In order for that extra haste to be worth the loss of an equivalent amount of:
    Mastery: WG would need to account for 56% of your healing done.
    Critical Strike: WG would need to account for 40% of your healing done.

    Of course, you're offering up a mix of stats, including Spirit and Int. The loss of Spirit isn't that big of a deal, assuming you aren't having mana issues (and even then, you have A LOT of spirit already, so perhaps you can afford to lose a lot already). The loss of Int makes this decision even more lopsided (and against the choice for adding the 3,600 haste).

    Conclusion: Definitely don't restat for haste. And based on the stats you've already indicated (sorry but I'm not going to attempt to look up your character on the EU armory) it appears your spirit is way too high, so I'd suggest you focus on fixing that instead. I think it's safe to assume you've gemmed a lot of spirit (as that's basically the only way to get 9k spirit). Those gems should be int instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dendrek View Post
    it appears your spirit is way too high, so I'd suggest you focus on fixing that instead. I think it's safe to assume you've gemmed a lot of spirit (as that's basically the only way to get 9k spirit). Those gems should be int instead.
    Thanks for your input, the maths helped a lot. On the other hand I don't want to sound rude, but have you healed hc progression fights in this tier and been completely fine with mana? Personally on a few fights, eg, emp hc, garalon hc and even le shi hc I have found my mana to be extremely lacking at times. I understand where your coming from that I "should" gem intellect, but in reality the requirements in a raid makes that unrealistic. I could stand to drop my spirit slightly on the majority of "farm" encounters. But even then, I think your stance on spirit is coming from end of expansion raiding, not the beginning of one.

    Edit: I have played as a resto druid for close to 4 years now, and I am well ontop of mana conservation and cds also.
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    That's fair, but I assume you saw my comment on what 3,800 spirit is worth (~15 rejuvs in a 6 minute fight). In your case, I'd venture to guess you have about 2k spirit from gems. In that case, you're getting an additional 8 rejuvs in a 6 minute fight from gems. Realistically, how far are those 8 rejuvs getting you? I will shamelessly admit you're far more progressed than I am. I only recently came back to the game, and I'm playing somewhat casually at the moment. But whereas I can't speak from experience, I can provide a math perspective. Of course, your own playstyle and experiences need to be taken into consideration, so it's up to you to decide. I certainly wasn't trying to be condescending in my previous post.

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    No worries your input was much needed and the maths certainly helped, currently only have 960 spirit from gems (excluding meta) and only 320/480 of that can actually be replaced with pure int. And some fights this tier are ridiculously long winded - 15minutes on some. In relation to the additional 8 rejueves they help a lot with the sustained damage in the fights I mentioned earlier, where the heals aren't being sniped off by a hpala for example of course.

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    I'm 12/16H (MV+HoF cleared, hoping to get Lei Shi and Protectors Sunday) and run with ~7500 spirit. Only spirit from gems are purified in blue sockets. You simply have to wring every drop of healing from your hots. Change your meta to int, your prismatic in your belt to int, restore your reforge on legs. Play with that for a while. You will adapt to less mana, and you will be better for it.

    On your legs, try to use that reforge for crit -> haste so you can do things like restoring your necklace which overall gives you more mastery. It may not be as precise as your current reforge, getting you as close to 3043 as possible, but if you end up with a few hundred more mastery at the expense of using crit to be 10-20 over haste cap, it is well worth it. In effect you are reforging '1 piece' of gear with 2 pieces of gear's stats. Trading crit on legs for mastery on neck (or other slot, say helm).
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