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    I hate it too they should at least compensate by making it absorb more.
    They did, it went from 70% attack power in cata to 100% attack power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inambour View Post
    You mean the 40% before gear ?

    Resilience rating reduces the healing absorption, the 40% that everyone gets for free does not.

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    Wow that's why i'm hitting "harder" with it than some other abilities that have higher weap dmg multipliers.

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    As far as I know the actual damage is working properly.

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    The only reason i like unholy, more atp 24/7 than frost, and the fact that i get death runes (from reaping) and in addition i can blood tap, more death runes 24/7.

    Death rune isn't too much of a difference, well i guess for frost that is but unholy i think its a meh change (at least wep dmg went up).

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