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    Still looking for some great friends to join us <3

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    Healing Priests are in high demand!

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    Also looking for either a DK or Paladin Tank

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    Ohey tsulong is dying tonight. Come join us!

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    And Heroic Tsulong is dead. One more to go to end the tier, and then we start prepping for 5.2. So join us!

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    Working on H Sha, and currently recruiting skilled raiders for 5.2. Come join us to kill the Thunder King.

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    Exceptional healers are in top demand!

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    Sha of Fear is DOWN! 16/16H!

    Looking for strong players of all classes! Time to kill a thunder king!

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    All exceptional players, check us out!

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    how is the new tier going for you guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalplosion View Post
    how is the new tier going for you guys
    12/12 ATM. Spent an hour or two on Jin'rokh, but we needed repeats of normal kills so that we could farm gear quickly.

    Still taking all applications. If you're a skilled player looking for a strong 3-night guild, hit us up.

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