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    Bloodsail Admiral Winterstrife's Avatar
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    Paladin Tier 15 & Season 13 armor. Your thoughts?

    Well I was looking forward to being able to add another set to my transmog collection but I guess I'll pass this tier/season ><
    I'm not really impressed with either of the armor, looks pretty 'meh' compared to the previous tier/season.
    What do you guys/gals think about it?
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    I don't like it I'm afraid. I don't particularly like the shoulders and helm and the chest and legs look like some half baked mail. Maybe it will make more sense when we see the raid.

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    Scarab Lord Cairhiin's Avatar
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    Really dislike the S13, especially the chest piece. I'm indifferent towards T15, it's not one of the worst sets but also not one of the best. Wonder why both S13 and T15 use the crappy old plate boots design and not the newer one which looks much better. The shoulders of T15 have potential, so does the belt. Color scheme is decent as well.

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    I don't hate T15, but it's certainly a case of "Thank goodness for transmogrification". S13 is not my cup of tea at all, however I never PvP so it's not a set I'll ever obtain.

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    T15 helmet looks like a beehive

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    Ultimate cockblock for female toons

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    Glad i saved tier 2 is all i can say

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    Bloodsail Admiral Galm's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    I actually love the s13 set (apart from the head). The tier set isn't too shabby, but it's not like I'd use it.

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    Nothing special about T15 Set, not a nice as T14 but then again T14 wasn't entirely special either.
    S13 Set. Remove the spikes and cover up our chests, we aren't Warriors, it looks weird for Paladins.

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    I think the s13 set has some interesting possibilities, especially mixed with other stuff rather than as a full set. t15 isn't very appealing to me.

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    I see the paladin T15 and think "Look at my crotch, see it glow? LOOK AT IT GLOW!" S13 isn't bad, really tough to beat the end of Cata one though.
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    Bloodsail Admiral Nexsa's Avatar
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    T15 doesn't look very Paladin like, and the Season 13.. wtf..

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    Tier 15, I dub it: The Glowing Crotch Stone.

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    I have a question i hope someone can help me with it, now i want to buy the Cataclysmic Gladiator's for my paladin but last time i hear they remove it, then how come i can buy Cataclysmic Gladiator's for my warrior yet the paladin set is missing

    Now about the Tier15, not for me i think i will stay with S8

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    The green t15 is the only one I think looks decent mainly because the leggings actually look right as opposed to standing out as an off color. Still hate the leggings and boots though...not even gonna start on the helm because it will be well hidden for it entirety as tier.

    S13 is pretty odd...but it actually looks like a gladiator..more of a warrior than a paladin but whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entreric View Post
    S13 is pretty odd...but it actually looks like a gladiator..more of a warrior than a paladin but whatever.
    Pretty much this. The 3D animation does make it look a little better than the 2D though.

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    The Patient
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    Dallas/College Station, Tx
    S13 made me do a double take, but I ended up really liking it. T15... not so much.

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    Doesn't matter have challenge mode set.

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    s13 makes me think of some goofy power ranger outfit

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    Fluffy Kitten Krekko's Avatar
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    I'm very much enjoying T15. Not my favorite set, not the worst, but still a cool addition none the less.

    Season 15 though beckons the question, what on earth?! Definitely more "Barbarian" and warrior like!
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