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    Question regarding simcraft and str/haste values...

    My paladin is currently 489 ilvl and haste was worth slightly more than 0.5 strength for me before I got a rather large haste upgrade (500-600). Since then my stat values have been all in a flux.

    Here are recent sims for my stat weights... I've been trying to work things out.

    Haste priority gemming (haste value 8528): Str (3.4), Haste (1.4)
    Subbing 1 haste gem for 1 str gem (haste value 8208): Str (3.34), Haste (1.47)
    Subbing 2 haste gems for 2 str gems (haste value 7888): Str (3.34), Haste (1.75)
    Subbing 3 haste gems for 3 str gems (haste value 7568): Str (3.32), Haste (1.94)

    The value of haste rapidly drops as I get more, which I find odd because from what I've read, haste is supposed to be worth more the better your gear gets. Am I hitting some plateau of haste? I'm not really that great with simcraft but from what I see, I should stop gemming haste at the point where 2x haste is no longer better than 1x strength. I'm guessing that value is somewhere around 8k... I'm really just sort of confused because my stat weights are conflicting with information I've read/been told.

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    The relative value of anything drops as you get more of it.

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