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    Troll Enhancement Shaman and Elemental Mastery

    So it's looking like Elemental Mastery/Primal Elementalist will be getting a nice buff and could possibly be the best spec for enhancement in 5.2. Even if it simply evens out in viability with Echo/Unleash Fury I think I will still go with EM/PE as the two passives are boring to me compared to a cool looking pet and a good cooldown, particularly because I am an engineer and the glove tinker lines up perfectly with the new 1 minute cooldown on EM.

    My question is will it be better to pop Troll Berserking at the same time as EM or wait until EM is over to use Berserking. Will it just be too much haste to make a difference if both are popped together or does it become more effective? What about with bloodlust?

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    well im not a caster but general rulle is to not go under GCD with casts while you have BL + other cds up, imo it will be beter to line up those cds, asuming that EM will get to live in curent form

    "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst"

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    It will be a lot of haste during BL if you have both troll racial + EM up, but I don't think we run into the same issue as ele, since more auto attacks during the lust period (especially with ascendance up) is good. Main issue would be getting rid of your 5 stacks but since mw5 is our top priority you should be hitting them asap anyway.

    this is pure speculation on my part

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