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    Anyone got some tips/addons for glyph selling?

    Hey, I have been glyph selling but it is very overwhelming. There are so many glyphs so I cannot keep track of which ones I have on the ah and which ones I don't. Anyone got an addon for this? Also if it could say how much the ones that I don't have on the ah sell for it would help even more. Lilsparky's workshopp kinda does this put I would like something time take some time off figuring which ones that I need to make.
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    TSM is the only way to be in the glyph market

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    Yep TSM, think that does everything you mentioned, even then though its pretty time consuming. Google the stormspire, brilliant website with plenty of guides on TSM and gold making in general.

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    TSM. It does everything and it does it well.

    If the glyph market is at all competitive on your server, be ready to cancel/repost all day. Reset scans can also be very profitable. Personally, I don't have the time or the will to compete against the person botting undercuts on my server. I'm always undercut on my glyphs within minutes, be it at 4am, noon, 6pm, 10pm. I'm pretty sure they got tempbanned recently because I was able to sell most of my stock and gtfo within 3 days whereas I sold nothing previously.

    Hopefully your glyph market is not as atrocious as mine.

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    Here is a guide to follow to setup TSM for Glyph selling

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