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    At what point is it best to drop Mogu?

    To all the guilds out there, struggling with clearing the content before 5.2.: Do you plan on dropping Mogu HC? If so, at what time or point in progression?

    Out current Progress is 6/6 HC - 3/6 HC - 4/4. We have approx. 2.5 Raids / Week - about 10 hours. We can manage to clear ToS and Mogu 6/6 HC in one night, leaving 1.5 Nights for HoF Progression. With Amber-Shaper, Zor'lok and Empress remaining, I expect to clear HoF in 3-4 IDs - lets say by the end of January.

    We have 3 Emps HC kills now and need hardly any gear anymore. It's like 2-3 Items per Boss at tops. We have approx. 496 average Itemlevel. Our plan was to Drop Mogu after the next 2 IDs. We will continue to go Mogu HC the next 2 IDs, so we can cycle in all our players to get needed kills and achievements for the Meta. After that, we plan on focusing on the remaining Heroics to clear the content, rather than getting the most gear.

    What do guys think? How long before 5.2 hits? Mid-February? Is it even wise to drop Mogu?

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    We will drop it when nobody needs gear or when 5.2 hits. It seriously only takes like 1 hour to clear the instance, so it's not that big of a deal. The guilds who won't clear the tier before 5.2 will have plenty of other problems behind not clearing the tier, such as for us attendance problems followed up by a guild transfer to a more populated server to combat that. I think we'll still clear the tier easily before 5.2, only a few bosses left from our progression (which has been halted for almost a month now).
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    We are in a similar position (11/16, 3 nights) right now and we have been prioritizing HC progress in HoF/Terrace over MSV clears since we did Garalon or Wind Shaper. IF we have time for it we'll do it, but if we are working on a fight on the final raid of the lockout we will rather go for the kill than 10 sha crystalls and two offspec items which is all we seem to be getting from mogu for weeks.

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