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    RecountCC: Add CC tracking to Recount

    RecountCC: Download on curse.

    I made this addon because I thought it would be useful to see how people are performing in RBGs, but realized it has many more applications than that. RecountCC will add an additional section to recount that shows what CC people are using and who they are using it on. If you think anything is missing or have any suggestions you can make a ticket here.

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    I'd thought I'd let the community know, they've updated this addon just today, so it now counts all the CC's.

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    downloading, thank you very much!

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    Necroing this thread because it shows up in my Google search results. I'm taking over the updating of the RecountCC addon. It should be up to date for 5.1 and I'll try to have it working for 5.2 shortly after release. Thanks!

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