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    Help! Mouse movement bugged.

    I've tried a basic search and google as well and couldn't find a solution so I hope someone here can help me. In the middle of my play session today, I started noticing that using my mouse to move on my rogue (and only my rogue) was bugged. I normally fly around on my mount holding down my left and right mouse button. But in this bugged condition, doing so not only moves me forward but up as well. I have not updated/added addons recently and disabling all addons did not help. Any ideas?

    Update: Did an LFR and the issue resolved itself. No idea why several reloadUIs and complete restarts did not. I would delete this thread if I could.
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    You wouldn't happen to have been drunk (in-game) while you were flying? In the case of ground mounts, it only makes you turn erratically, but when you're flying, the up/down angle also gets erratic. I believe in formal flight terms that's your pitch, and then left/right turning is yaw. Being drunk screws with both of them.

    But I figure you'd probably have realized that, so that's probably not it. Probably just a fluke bug.

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    Yeah wasn't drunk but i was panicking and thought I might have to reinstall to remove the bug

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    It might be a case of your "jump" or "fly upward" key being stuck (e.g. the client not having received the KEYUP for it, thus still believing it is being pressed). Counter-intuitively, pressing the key once more (and then releasing it) will usually solve the issue.
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    try alt+tab. got that kind of problems and it helps (alt+tab while this issue's processing)

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