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    Question [MW] Best Trinkets - Normal - Heroic

    Hello Guys,

    I was searching on theorycrafts and I didn't come up with a conclusion about the best monk mistweaver trinkets for normal / heroic.
    I saw some monk using RCJ + QPS (Normal versions) and even, RCJ + QPS Heroic. RCJ is so powerfull? And if i upgrade RCJ it will became like a heroic trinket?
    What is the best trinket order (with upgrades or not). Anyone could help?

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    H SotS > SotS ~= RCJ > LFR SotS > any QPS.
    *~= stands for "approx equal"*

    As a general statement, procced int has very bad synergy with healing. In raw stats, I believe H QPS outdoes LFR SotS but it's still "worse" unless you are outstanding at monitoring ICDs AND have such insane luck that massive aoe damage occurs right as your ICD comes up which you will have pre-TFTed to optimize the proc value. In all seriousness though outside maybe garalon this just doesn't happen.

    the real question becomes where operation shieldwall's on use trinket lines up (or hordes' faction equivalent).

    Regen wise, LFR SotS > 496 valor but it has lower INT value so it comes down to preference.

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    RCJ's proc has the stat budget of a 500 ilvl trinket. Don't let the 476 ilvl fool you, if you work out the uptime of the Spirit buff it's actually huge compared to most other trinkets (the same was true of Tsunami back in Cataclysm). That said..

    Deau hit it right on the money that Int (and really ALL throughput procs) are awful for healing because if they don't happen exactly when you need them, you've wasted the stats. Spirit (or mana return like PoP) procs are never wasted unless you're sitting at 100% mana and not healing, which shouldn't really ever happen (although any throughput proc would be wasted in the same circumstance anyways). With that in mind, QPS is right out. I'd sacrifice using Valor on upgrades to snag the 496 trinket before even thinking about getting a QPS, even the 489 one from Shado-Pan or trash drop would be better than a Heroic QPS.

    With QPS eliminated, we've only got SotS, RCJ, and the 496 VP trinket to discuss. A very cool Wowhead user did all of the math for me, so I don't even have to bother. See here: http://www.wowhead.com/item=86885#comments

    The only thing not listed is the 496 trinket (http://www.wowhead.com/item=93260#comments) which equates to 959 mp5. However, it has 150 more intellect than the LFR SotS, which puts it squarely above LFR SotS , but below Relic/reg SotS.

    So essentially, with the math to back it up, H SotS > SotS = RCJ > 496 VP > LFR SotS > 489 VP > Vial of Ichorous Blood > PoP > QPS (yes I hate it that much) > Fruit Barrel
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