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    Debuffs on target

    I was wondering if anyone knows a simple solution to my problem.

    Basically I want to filter out all irrelevant debuffs on my target (DoTs, class specific debuffs etc), while leaving the more relevant ones visible (CC, encounter specific stuff like for example Elegon's damage taken increase stacks). I am using Shadowed Unit Frames and I can't seem to find a simple way to accomplish this. Blizzard's own frames almost do it, but I want to filter my own debuffs and raid debuffs, like weakened blows, as well (I'm using other tools to track these). And Blizzard's unit frames lack in other departments, so an addon to filter debuffs from Blizzard frames is not really what I want...

    The problem with Shadowed Unit Frames is that the only options are to use a whitelist or blacklist of spells. Both of these would require a lot of work to do properly and even then they would have their downsides. Whitelist would require constant updating as new content is released to even see the new debuffs... Blacklist would probably require even more work (more spells), although any overlooked abilities would only clutter the frame instead of hide an important debuff. And of course it would require constant updating with new content as well.

    The bulk filter options in Shadowed Unit Frames are to filter everything that isn't cast by you (again, I have my own trackers for most of this) or isn't curable by you (I have raid frames for this). What I'd want is more of an option to filter everything not deemed relevant to me (like in the Blizzard interface options) and then filter out the ones I am tracking already.

    So can anyone think of another addon or a setting in Shadowed Unit Frames that I've overlooked that would solve this?

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    Since the debuffs you wish to see on the target are not in a specific category, meaning they could be +dmg taken, encounter debuffs, cc debuffs etc I am afraid that w/e you want to use you must apply filters. In Suf it's a matter of 5sec to create the buff/debuff you want to see. Enable all debuffs and then make a whitelist of which you want to be shown. This can be done also with powerauras, weakauras , raven etc.

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    I was afraid that would be the only response I would be getting... Oh well, I guess I'll just get to work then :/
    And thanks for the post.

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    I use DebuffFilter for that. Shows pretty much all of the encounter specific buffs and filters out the rest.
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