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    5.2 PTR - Ring of Peace animation (probably WIP)

    The new level 60 talent Ring of Peace visual and how it interacts with moving/chars (I'll just steal Himallt's comment on Wowhead):

    + Cannot be dispelled (although Ice Block and Divine Shield may remove it).
    + The duration is not reduced in pvp.
    + The ring stays on the target as opposed to being a fixed ring on the floor; this means that it can be used offensively to prevent healers from casting for 8 seconds or defensively if your team is getting trained.
    + The warrior set bonus (-50% disarm duration) doesn't affect this.
    + Currently the longest pvp silence at 8 seconds.
    + The short cooldown and 40yd range gives this talent a lot of flexibility and unlike the other two talents on this tier, this ability doesn't require positioning of your character for it to be effective.

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    Can it be trinketed?(the one who it is caste on) Also does thunder focus tea(pvp 4set) make you immune to the silence affect?

    Also it is the longest silence tied with Solar Beam.
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    looks pretty cool I can't help but think this will make pulling Casters in Hc/Cms 100000times easier as Brewmaster ! The question becomes.. is it a better choice than Leg Sweep though?

    Have you tried it on trash/adds in Hcs/Raids? Would be a bit annoying if PvE mobs were immune
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    Look's cool, but honestly it will get nerfed in PvP.
    Atleast I hope so...

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    I don't get Blizzard, first they come up with "We think we've added too much Instant CC's into the game", now they give ranged Paralysis Baseline to any Monk and the possbility to choose between 3 Instant CC's.

    Not that Monks are too powerful in PvP but i see Blizzard making the same mistake they've tried to fix.
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    Will definetly get nerfed in pvp :P.

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