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    Thumbs up WW Monk 5.2 Early PTR Impressions - Share your experiences.

    So played my WW Monk yesterday, I got malv weps and 2-3 peices of Malv while the rest is Dread gear still.

    So far, WW is feeling so much better now that ToK, Chi Wave, Tiger lust no longer requires Chi - This is truly some Quality of Life changes for this class. I can actually fight without the worry to store some chi 'just in case' sh*t happens.

    The heals from Chi Wave its like 32k per bounce which is very sweet. I've not yet tried Zen Sphere or Chi Burst. And to be honest with Chi Wave increase CD i hardly notice the increase on CD cause the heals really do compensate and before I need to use it again its already off CD.

    Ring of Peace: Now I have to say it's INCREDIBLE. I use it on a healer when their at like 30-40% hp and they are totally dead, a warrior charges at me whilst rofl stompnig his healer to find that he is also disarmed and cant harm me. It is really incredible.I've already noticed targets that I hit with Ring of Peace tend to run for it until it wears out cause they cant do anything else.

    I once threw it on a healer surrounded by his allies and its amazing to see them all sort of come to a casting/melee stand still.

    I'm really scared that this won't make it to live. It seems too good to be true. And the 1.5min CD is really nothing, its off CD before you know it. I'd definitely pick this over leg sweep (leg sweep has dimishing returns also a negative).

    Damage is even better with the new mastery, I won't go into numbers but I'm having no problems doing great damage against my targets.

    Transmorg, I was able to change my 1 handed swords to 1 handed axes which was also nice.

    Bugs on PTR: Right now my Monk on PTR has no mounts says I have to obtain level 20 to ride mounts, but 'I iz level 90' ='( - If anyone happens to know a fix for this bug let me know. I had to just fly around by zen flight.

    (will also get this post on Eu Wow forum for the lulz no?)

    Share your experiences my brothers.

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    Combo Breaker : Tiger Palm bug hasn't been fixed on the PTR. With an unused proc, it takes 4 chi (2 blackout kicks) to generate 1 TB charge instead of 2 chi.

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    I like the changes and hope they all make it into live.

    Ring of Peace and Nimble Brew are great additions and I hope people won't complain too much so they remove them cause Windwalkers really need them. I've seen some complain so far and I really don't think they've tried playing a Windwalker Monk in PvP.

    I am excited for the Storm, Earth and Fire ability - can't wait to see/try it out on the PTR.

    I would have loved it if you could turn Fist Weapons into swords/axes for transmog since you never ever get to see them ;/ It's a real shame, I know the animations ain't similar as an axe/sword.

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