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    I play Horde, so I suppose the second option is closer, but I don't care about PvP.

    I have a few ally toons, but I wouldn't make any of them Helf.

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    Faction change back to Horde. As much as I dislike Blood Elves, having to look at two different elf subfactions on my side would be too much.

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    there are other ways high elves could become playable. Minor races for one. if you start introducing things like Mag'har orcs , Taunka tauren, wildhammer dwarves and amani trolls, highbourne which could be re-skinned blood elves i.e. blood elves with purple skin and night elf hair/eye colours instead, but using thier models..etc.. then i can see high elves and half elves , forsaken elves (dark fallen) etc being playable as well as things like cyborg gnomes and leper gnomes.

    these would all be minor races and would be intentional variations of the new models of the current races. I reckon they'd simply be reskins of the new models rather than be entirely re-created or designed from scratch which would be far too much work. You would simply use the new aniamtions of one of the major races with a reskinned version of another to make the minor race.

    for e.g. amani troll could be a re-skinned troll, i.e. a more muscular troll - likely using the new troll model's animation, alternatively they could switch the animationi profile to use that of say orcs or night elves instead to give the illusion of it being unique where it rall is a troll modle given the animation of anotehr race.

    like wise asmentioned earlier highbourne could use the new blood elf model but with night elf skin tones, eyes ears etc.. they could even give them blood elf ears, but they would have silver eyes (males also), and they would use blood elf naimaitons.

    High elves on the other hands, could easily use the new blood elf model for sure, but use the new night elf animations instead. So they do appear different, or they could be re-purposed night elf models, i.e. night elf models given blood elf height, blood elf ears and blood elf skin tones as well as blood elf animations or a combo of night elf and blood elf aniamtions or just use night elf animations or even human animations.

    half elves could a human sub race, with elvenised human models. i.e. human models are used, but they now have long ears and eyebrows like elves, but human looking eyes, they'd use human animations. and have a mixture of blood elf and human hairstyles. remember the aniamtion style will probably govern the hair style, because hairstyle have to be be modelled to match movement which depends on the animation style.

    I can imagine Borken actually using dwarf models or possibly orc models instead reskinned. The animations would be orcish or dwarvish, but the model would be a re-skinned male orc. Not sure how they'd do the emale, they'd need to decide if it would be a new face model or just a slightly varied male model, with longer hair and more delicate mutations - or a shape change also.

    Long and short of it is that they will use the new models of the main races to make the minor races, the minor races would just be superficial variations. cybor gnomes would have mechanical features in some places for example, like maybe one leg mechanical and an eye, while another variation would have half a mehcanical face - but it would be the new gnome model, and the new gnome model animation.

    I think though the great desire to play high elves on alliance is more because humans and night elves are so ugly, and if they made good looking human moadles and beautiful night elf models in the re-modelling, most alliance players wouldn't care to play hgih elves. Espeically if half elves become playable and look good. Then high elves can remain an unplayable but valuable part of the alliance for lore reasons and not sullied any further because they became playable.

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