<Wait for It> - US Shadowsong is recruiting for MSV/HoF/ Terrace Heroics. We raid two nights a week. Thursday 6pm CST to 10pm CST, and Sunday 4pm CST to 8pm CST. (give or take a bit depending on how things are going each night.

Current openings

Dps DeathKnight
DPS Warrior
Priest (Disc/Holy)

We are a 10man guild that was started with the launch of Cata by a group of players that have been playing together since Wrath and a few even before that. Our core group of raiders (6 RL friends) are very experienced and dedicated.

The guild provides everything necessary (BOEs, flasks, gems, enchants etc) to get you performing at your peak and all we ask is that you turn up prepared with full knowledge of your class and encounter mechanics.

You can reply to this post or Contact our battletags: Nate#1582 , Magnus#1337, dkdk#1726

You can also leave your battletag here if interested, We'll be in touch.

We don't do a formal application, I'd rather talk to you personally and try to run an LFR or something together.