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    [H] Perception (6/7 Mythic) - Kazzak - Recruiting

    About us
    Perception is a 10-man raiding guild which has recently switched to 25 man, on Kazzak-EU, focusing on end game raiding progression and pushing our raiders to give it their all. With the announcement of Mythic raiding we are planning on switching to 25 man before it is released in order to prepare for WoD. We started back at the release of Dragon Soul with a bunch of friends who have been focused on raiding since early TBC. Our current raiding team is composed of competitive, experienced players who bring to the table a balance of raiding while also managing a socially and friendly climate.

    Our aim as a guild is to be the best we can be, clear all current and upcoming raid content and to make a name for ourselves. Improving ourselves as players and as a guild is always a priority, constantly pushing and trying to see what the best we can do truly is.

    What kind of players are we looking for?
    We are hoping to find people who share our interest for progress and who aren't afraid to go that extra mile to better themselves. We expect a certain standard from our raiders, such as perfect knowledge of their class, beeing up to speed with strategies, showing up on time and always be ready to help the raiding when needed. To make it short we want out raiders to maximize their role in raids.
    We realise that asking for a 100% attendance would just be unreasonable however we do expect any absences to be reported beforehand and not to occur on a regular basis. Your ability to follow instructions and to adapt where needed will be crucial in our raiding environment. Bringing a mature attitude, the desire to progress and the will to do so is all we ask of our raiders. If raids last longer than the stated raid times then we expect that you will stay online for the duration of the raid without any issues.

    Raid Times During Progression
    • Wednesday 19:30-23:00 Server time
    • Thursday 19:30-23:00 Server time
    • Sunday 19:30-23:00 Server time
    • Tuesday 19:30-23:00 Server time

    Classes we are recruiting:
    • Currently looking for all DPS/Healer classes

    Logs are mandatory when making an application and any applications that do not have these will be ignored.

    If interested please make an application on or if you wish to receive more information then contact Noxeh or myself (Slidd#2923) on Kazzak EU.
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    Updated with new recruitment.

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    Updated with new recruitment.

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