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    Not too keen on the idea of a Blood Elf as Warchief, I play Horde to play a more noble, savage type instead of a dashing knight...He doesn't really fit the image of the Horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yriel View Post
    Not only that, he's also a traitor.
    The Zalandari homeland gets destroyed by the Cataclysm, his own people call him for a meeting to decide the future of the troll race and what does he do ? He rats them out to not only the Horde but also to the Alliance.
    Trolls are my favorite race in the game but after that i started to despise Vol'jin and i hoped he died in that scenario. Too bad he didn't.
    The Darkspear are not Zandalari. Not by far. Zandalari want to kill everything that isn't roll, and subjugate every troll that isn't Zandalari. We haven't been raiding all those Zul-Thingy places for nothing, you know...

    Anyway, the Zandalari are not 'his own people.'

    Edit for on-topicness:
    I would not like Lor'themar to be the Warchief. Not enough character. Lor'themar, as far as I'm concerned, is little more than a lawn ornament.
    A Blood Elf Warchief could work, of course... If they were awesome and not too addicted to the arcane. And if they had enough character and exposure. Lor'themar is just too much of a nobody.

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    The BE are now the Majority Race in the Horde, (by players), so they should be rulers of The Horde
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sindrasa View Post
    I'd feel happy, Blizz did say it would be someone unexpected.....
    Thrall dies in the Siege, Aggra becomes Warchief.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mortai2 View Post
    Gamon will be the new warchief. Years of getting killed repeatedly have led to him having one trillion hit points and the ability to super cleave Garrosh's face which is how the final battle will end. Gamon will pull a Tirion versus Garrosh and become the new warchief.

    You heard it here first.
    Gamon is the Heroic-only boss for the Orgrimmar raid.
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    I'm not Horde, I would laugh at the Horde. Just my honest opinion
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrth View Post
    Thrall dies in the Siege, Aggra becomes Warchief.
    Kill Thrall if you must, to please the Thrall-haters, but PLEASE!!... kill Aggra as well!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broloth View Post
    Basic Campfire?
    basic campfire would BURN lor'themar in the polls.

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    Warchief is an Orcish title. Any of the racial leaders may be the leader of the Horde, but that person wouldn't be the Warchief. (Maybe that'd be good, it's like modern German leaders calling themselves "Fuhrer" - i.e. honoring a legacy that consists of genocide and corruption).
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    Idle amusement, curiosity to see where it goes from there, respect to Blizzard for taking a huge risk like that, and a second dose of curiosity to see how the orcs react to having someone around checking them for a change within their own faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatureDrake View Post
    Pretty much what the title says. I'm trying very hard not to say anything that could somehow be a spoiler, but should Lor'themar become Warchief post-MoP, how would you react? (There are certain things hinting towards this.) Would you sneer and claim that the Horde should be led by an Orc? Or would you welcome a devilishly handsome elven warchief causing the female legions of the Horde to swoon? Are you sick of the generic Horde race - the orcs - leading the Horde? Or would you like another racial leader to take over the reigns of the Horde in the aftermath of Garrosh's fall? Maybe not Lor'themar, but Vol'jin or Baine? What about Sylvanas?

    One things for certain. Lor'themar-grimmar needs a catwalk and maybe some actual houses.
    Orgrimmar would be remodeled with lots of soft pastel colors. That's not mere sarcasm. Garrosh took over and redesigned the city to his vision, and a BE's fashion sense would dictate changes on that front. I don't see that happening for Vol'Jin or Baine. I also don't see Sylvanas being in charge (seriously, who is crazy/stupid enough to trust her; The Horde needs the Foresaken's strength, but trust them? No way.), likewise I don't see Lor'themor in charge of the Horde.

    To me it's Vol'Jin, Thrall (back again), or some orc who's been a minor character at this point, elevated to the role, as the options which make the most sense.
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