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    Question What alt next

    The expansion is very alt and offspec unfriendly nevertheless I managed to get 3 toons into 90
    Druid (guardian / Resto)(alchemy / herbalism) | Rogue ( assasination / combat)(Skinning / leatherworking) | Mage ( frost / fire)(mining / tailoring)

    now I am considering what is easy to level up and can help the other toons as well

    85 Death knight (frost / blood) (blacksmith / Inscription)
    85 Paladin (prot / holy) (Jewelcrafting / miner)
    85 Shaman (resto / elemental) (herbalism / Enchanting)
    85 Warlock (affliction / demonology) (engineering / Mining)
    37 Monk (windwalker / guardian) (mining / herbalism)

    so considering this roster what would you suggest to level up next?

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    I say Pally or Monk. pally being easier of course because its closer to 90. But that way you have another healer/tank to play with.Regardless of which you chose.

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    I'm sorry but "Help Me Choose My Class" threads aren't allowed here. Only you can really decide what you'll choose to play next.

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