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    Just a question...

    Hello all, I'm planning to get GW2 and I would like to know your thoughts now, 5 months since the release date and if you are happy with what you got for that 60$.

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    I am perfectly happy. As long as you play casually and don’t see it as a rush to the so-called “end game”, you will most likely enjoy it. For me, it has been an incredibly experience, and I have played it casually since launch, playing when I’m in mood and not busy, mostly just wandering around exploring the world, doing dynamic events and stuff. And the best thing is that I am actually having fun being out in the terrain. Look at it as a journey, a long-termed development on your character. Don’t rush things. Those are the most important lessons I can teach you Great game.

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    I bought it as a time out game, and love it, I only play casually but it's nice to just load up and have fun without any issues.
    Great game and well worth a shot at

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    I dont play it often and there are definitely things I do not like. But all in all its a solid game and even though its not necessarily my cup of tea, I can see why it is for many others.

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    Yes, very happy. I still haven't even finished all the game has to offer, having not done all the zones. Even if ArenaNet kind of fails at one time events(though they're getting a bit better, the winter event was much better done), in full the game has been amazing and offers a lot of cool stuff.

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    There is an active thread on this same question: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-your-thoughts


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