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    'Rift of Aln' music playing in Gilneas?

    Was just levelling my alt worgen warlock, and i noticed in the background, the music entitled 'Rift of Aln' was playing instead of the usual music...... is this normal? Why would that be playing in Gilneas? Anybody else getting this?
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    Thats the title of the song probly using it cause it sounds very gilnean

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    For those that don't know, the rift of aln is a part of the emerald dream, where the corruption spills from. This music was datamined from the Cataclysm Alpha - from the book Stormrage, it is hinted that an old god is responsible for the nightmare, and maintains its grip in the emerald dream through the rift.

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    The tree in Gilneas that is linked with the Worgen cure is connected to the Dream.
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    Could be the song was named for the fact Worgen originated with the Druids.

    Did it sound like a typical gilnean BGM? Or did it sound out of place?
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    It's because the place where this plays is actually conected to the Emerald Dream.


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