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    New to Guild Wars II

    Greetings to all the GW2 players out there!

    After researching the game for quite some time I finally decided to go ahead and buy it, it is downloading as we speak. Now, if only someone could help poor little me with picking up a server... the game has been out for a while, and a few realms must be standing out already. If possible, I would like to know which one has the most active community.

    With WoW for instance, If someone asked me this - I would say Outland right away, it's just insane how active & populated that server was/is.

    p.s. playing on EU.
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    I'm on Far Shiverpeaks. It's a server with a lot of Scandinavian/Dutch/Belgian people, very high population. Also a lot of dungeon groups, and active wvw. (English is the dominant language)

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