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    Help for a transmog Chest and Legs..Really hard to find ones.

    Hi, so in shorts if u can spend a bit of a time to copy paste from here to wowhead u can see that im missing only the chest and the legs for a full transmog gear. I dont know whether these parts exist or where do they drop from. So far im having [Cloak of the Devoured] [Mantle of Wicked Revenge] [Gloves of the Hidden Temple] [Hive Tunneler's Boots] [Guise of the Devourer] [Thick Qirajihide Belt]

    PS: Thank you to all that will find the time to help me out..im rly stucked in wowhead checking every leather piece..

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    Seems you're outta luck since the matching chest and pants only come in rogue-specific. I'd suggest you get the addon Mogit to find some other pieces that would match.

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    I agree with Lissa since I use it all the time - download the addon MogIt (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/mogit)... it makes it so much easier to find every available item of a specific type, tell you where to get them, sometimes items of the same appearance with a different name, preview everything all together, save them for future reference...

    If you can get your hands on these (hopefully you didn't do the quests yet) you might be satisfied.

    Chest: Lo'ap's Tunic of Muck Diving - Nagrand quest reward
    Legs: Leggings of Telhamat / Shattrath Leggings- Hellfire / Shattrath quest reward

    There's also these other quest shoulders, which might be even better than the ones you were using (all up to you, of course). They're part of the set that the other two suggested pieces are from.
    Spaulders of the Ring
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    Thank you guys ! Im gonna get these 2 pieces and be unique panda with ninja skills

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