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    Question Some PS4 Questions

    Oh, hello. I did not notice you there, how are you? Well, now that you are here. Let us talk business. I currently possess a Playstation Three Slim with one hundred and sixty gigabytes of space. I intend to stick with it even though all of my friends are acquiring the Playstation Four soon. Will I be able to keep my current Playstation Network account and retain all of my trophies? If I have Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Playstation Three and my friends have it for the Playstation Four, will I be able to play with them on a cross-system server? I do intend on purchasing a Playstation Four in the near future, but only once the price has dropped to a more reasonable sum. Will a lot of people stick by the Playstation Three? Will the Playstation Four have any monthly fees? Thank you for stopping by my little piece of this glorious forum that has helped me countless times in the past, and thank you for taking the time to scan this paragraph with your face beams.

    ill be getting codghosts and gta5 for ps3 if you want to add me my psn id is morganoid

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    1. Prices will not be lowered any time soon. You'll be looking at over a year from now if history is any indication.
    2. PSN now has a monthly fee on the PS4 similar to Xbox Live.
    3. You cannot play COD: Ghosts cross-platform.

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