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    [H] ☣ Infusion ☣ PvE 10 man - Frostwhisper EU (PvP)

    Welcome to Infusion!
    About us
    Infusion is a guild that consists of people who have been raiding together since the beginning of WotLK. Some of us came from different guilds or split to join other guilds but then returned together again(hence the guild name). We are highly skilled players but have lost players due to people leaving for real life issues. Our past raiding experience was with an old guild which at its prime was one of the top guilds on the server.

    What are we recruiting?

    Note: We will also accept anything outside the current recruitment list if you've got a very strong application.

    What we want from you
    - Good raid experience
    - Good knowledge of your class
    - Attend all raids and be ready 5 minutes before raid times
    - Be ready with your own buff food and flasks. Pots too for progressive runs.
    - Be willing to wipe for progression
    - Be willing to take constructive criticism
    - Know boss tactics before we start the raid.
    - Mature but with a sense of humour
    - Team spirit
    - Working MIC and Mumble installed

    Raid Experience/Progression

    Naxxramas - 10-man/25-man
    Ulduar - 10-man HC(Plus Algalon)/25-man normal
    TotC - 10-man Tribute to Insanity/25-man normal
    Icecrown - 10-man HC(11/12)/25-man HC

    BWD - 10-man HC(5/6)
    BoT - 10-man HC(3/7)
    TotFW 10-man HC(2/2)
    DS - HC 8/8

    MSV - HC 1/6
    HoF - Normal 5/6
    ToeS - Normal 3/4 (First on Elite)

    Raiding times(Server time GMT+1)
    Wednesday - 19.30-23:30
    Thursday - 19.30-23:30
    Sunday - 19.30-23:30

    *We may extend the end time if we feel some progression can be made and we've got our game on.

    Looting System
    We use the EPGP loot system. This ensures that all players who attend raids and pull thier weight will get gear. But will also ensure that the gear is shared out evenly between people with high gear and low gear.

    Current Roster
    We are aiming for a tight group of people that are irreplaceable to our team. We value every player that attends every raid on time and pull out a fantastic performance, but we always want our core team to challenge them self further then your current skill level. We enforce great team spirit and just have fun with the game.

    When you join you'll be introduced with people who have been raiding together for 4 years and have extensive knowledge and skills in many classes but we are friendly and open to all new comers. We are laid back during raids and have the occasional laugh but while maintaining progression.

    If you are interested and wish to apply then head over to our site an submit an application.

    If you would like a more live and direct approach then speak to one of our officers on the server:
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