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    Unhappy Guild Wars 2 limited offer question (digital deluxe)

    I've decided to play guild wars 2, but I don't want to be ripped off later.

    Right now it is $60 with a special offer, which includes some items that could feel great as long as price won't drop...

    What I fear is that at, January 8th, price might drop.

    so should I buy it at full price or wait 3 long days?
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    I bought the deluxe edition because of the glory that was in it. It's a one time use so can't use it on new characters. It doesn't do much anyway since pvp gear is all for the look it seems. The pet that it comes with just takes up precious bag room so you will end up banking it in the collections thing and the bank access has a 3 day time limit from the first time you use it, and with teleport waypoints everywhere it really doesn't make a difference. The influence thing is kind of nice I guess but influence can be earn't many other ways.

    But for the same price as the standard edition at the moment, why not. But if it goes on sale later then that's a bonus. Just not that much extra in it that you will use.
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    After 3 days, the price for normal game is still 55 euros. Why were you expecting a cheaper normal edition anyway?

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