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    Memory voltage question.

    I bought a P8Z77-V Pro mobo, and was shopping around for a new case, and left a page up on Newegg of a Corsair 600t + 8GB HyperX Ram 1600(1.65v) combo... annnnnd my wife bought it for me the next morning before I woke up(Which is awesome), so I was making sure everything was good and I then read a problem with 1.65v ram and Ivy Bridge processors...(I have a 3470)... Any input on the voltage thing? My buddy says it will be fine...i did some research and some places say not to, and some say it will be fine... Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    Drop the speed slightly if needed and run it at 1.55V.

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    i'd stick with 1.5V since it's the recommended voltage for SB

    chances are you won't have any issues with 1.65v though and you can always run it at a lower voltage
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