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    WW Barbarian, next uprade?


    What should i upgrade next ? Considering getting abit more LoH.
    new to barb, farming mp1 atm, dieing from time to time depending on what affixes i have to face.

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    Get some lacuni's, run speed helps a ton on ww. You may need some crit ones (expensive) to keep your rage up.

    Wep gems would be good too, 90% is fine unless your really rich
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    Chest with 90+str, 3 sockets,70ar and vit, pants with 2 sockets 90+str 150+vit and 70+ ar, get an echoing fury with 150+ str, atleast 0.23as a socket and possibly some CD, if you cant go for CD aim for over 1k dps.
    Bash is better for WW spec,get your vit up and you shouldnt be needing the bloodthirst passive since you can survive a few hits. Ice climbers without MS arent that great,aim for IK boots or a pair of rare ones with 150+str and 12 ms. Aim for a faster OH weapon a sword/dagger with high str and vit and more CD than yours,faster attacks means more tornado procs, also your OH dps isnt the priority since the damage of tornadoes is determined by your MH damage, get the best stat stick that you can and you`ll be fine.

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    Upgrade your gems first!!
    Ditch the chest get another with 3 sockets
    You can find better rings cheap (go for avg dmg there as well)
    Your OH is wrong, get a sword or a dagger, you need fast OH. 700+ dps + LS + CD + socket would be great

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    gems would be a good way to start also dont like that u have only 30k health so i would loose the ik chest for one with a lot more vitality.
    getting some more Loh wouldnt hurt seeing as ur dps isnt that high for lifesteal to be sufficient

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    might wanna look for a witching hour, pretty good belt!

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