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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfsage View Post
    What's the point in having more than one game in a genre anyway, right?
    The game wasn't described any differently from others except for "Pokemon", so I can only assume that it's LoL with Pokemon skins. If skins is enough to make you play a different game then have fun...
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    Oh hell no.
    Please don't Nintendo. Please don't.

    I would cry so many tears.
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    I swear to God, a well done Pokemon MMO (either sub or freemium) and I would be ALL OVER THAT.
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    A well designed Pokemon MMO combining all the good features from the gameboy games would be incredible.

    The only concern I would have is if a Pokemon MMO was released, I doubt it would be good enough to satisfy the millions and millions of hopefuls.

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    Yes I would play it. But I don't see this happening... ever.
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    If Hitmonchan then yes.
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    I'd give any sort of multiplayer/online pokemon game a go.

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    If i can play as ditto.

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    If Abra is involed, take my moneyz, house and everything else.

    Abra is the man.
    I guess I would give it a shot, but its most likely a new Pokemon edition thingy for one of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXX billion Nintendo consoles (or handhelds) I have no clue how they are called.
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    Would love to be able fight with pokemon in non turnbase way but pls no more mobas, atleast not dota/hon/lol style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Make an MMO or some online stadium game and just take my money.
    It will never work, it's impossible to balance a game with so many pokémon. Only 6 10-15 Pokemon would be viable endgame...just take gameboy games as an example.

    Open world singleplayer / coop would be amazing as people could play whatever they want and still could turn out to be the best there ever was.

    The idea of Pokémon is that you are going to best, that is the soul aspect of Poké are the hero. Remove that in an MMO world and you are just the next looser leveling 5 Metapods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hk-51 View Post
    Didn't you see this game?
    You could easily lore it from that.
    Not really, since Conquest is a crossover game featuring Pokémon within the Nombunga's Ambition series. Well, they could, but if you were to take out everything related to Nombunga's Ambition, it'd really just be a very weak version of Japanese folk lore (as near as I understand it, I haven't played any of the other Nombunga's Ambition games).

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    I should really get back into Pokémon, I haven't played/watched anything past like the second generation, they got a bit weird from then... Change is scary.

    *Goes to watch Mewtwo Strikes Back on VIDEO*
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    Hopefully they dont waste their time on yet another LoL type game.
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    I'd play a pokémon MMO for sure.

    Especially if it had an AH for trading pets and supplies and leagues you could enter.

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    No, they already added pokemon to WoW so I'm already set. I've got LoL for moba and WoW for mmorpg, my multiplayer needs are filled with just those two.
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    Already theory crafted how to get to max elo in a pokemon moba game. First find out pikachu hard counter, second learn how to destroy him with his counter in lane, 3rd beat all the people playing the game because lets face it until higher elo all the people will want to play pikachu

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