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    Feral is one of the specs that scales really good with ilvl. I used to do only ~70k DPS (single-target) in 475 ilvl, but I'm doing 115k DPS in 503 now. So it's not surprising to be discouraged by your DPS at lower ilvl.

    It's the hardest spec to play (and to master imo) due to the amount of buffs (SR, DoC, TF) and DoTs (Rake, Rip, Thrash) to keep up and the need to clip the DoTs when buffs are up.

    Priority (simple):
    1. SR
    2. FFF
    3. Rake
    4. Rip
    5. Thrash with Clearcasting
    6. Shred to build CPs
    - Use TF on cooldown (sync with Berserk whenever possible)
    - DoTs should be refreshed before the last tick (<3s for Rake, <2s for Rip)

    - HT with DoC procs when 4/5 CPs
    - FB when Rip/SR is up for >~8s (depends on gear)
    - Thrash when all bleeds/buffs are up and Thrash is not up
    - Clip Rake when Rake <9s and Tiger's Fury/DoC is up

    Really advanced:
    - Use Mangle instead of Shred to build CPs when Rip is not up
    - Delay using Rip till TF is up if TF CD <3s
    - Using DoC HTs on low health raidmates (I can do up to 10k HPS on other raid members) (although NV/HotW are better during high raid dmg intake)
    (You can do this with mouseover HT macro)

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    I strongly recommend you to get Ovale Spell Priority with Nerien's Ovale Scripts. It's kinda necessary to achieve at least~90% of max Feral DPS.

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