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    Questions about trinkets

    So I have a quick question about trinkets in the new 5.2. However I'll lay some foundation before I ask. I'm not in a super serious raiding guild, in fact we've only managed to down Jin'Rokh consistently on normal. So my access to normal mode ToT gear is severely limited (to trinkets non existent) and my main access to gear is through LFR. Additionally my armory can be found at:

    Aanaya of Sister of Elune (can't post links yet, terribly sorry )

    Now on to my biggest question in the foremost is if the Relic of Yu'lon is worth it for my situation? I've heard whispers that it may be because spell power is by far the best stat and the double spell power in base and in proc is amazing. I've looked and ripped through forums to answer my questions but I can never seem to find what it is I'm looking for. I'm simply not sure so any insight would help, especially for my gear situation so far.

    Additionally if you know of a place where I can go sim myself that is up to date I'd adore you forever as I can never seem to locate one.

    I suppose that leads into my second question of which trinkets in LFR (or non) are worth the effort? A lot of them look appealing honestly, I'm just not sure how it pans out with my current gear level.

    Anyway, thanks in advanced for any help you might be able to offer. Like I said, I usually like to figure these issues out myself but I simply don't know of any resources that could help me. Also sorry if there is a forum post about this I've managed to miss.

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    Thanks for the linkage to the armory. Felt bad I couldn't legit link my own armory. Also thank you for the sim, I'll definitely look at it.

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