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    Profs for alts

    So atm I have 5 characters. My main focus with professions is not really to make money but to be able to supply my own mats for raiding (enchants, leg enchant, shoulder enchant, belt buckle, gems, pots, and flasks) without having to spam trade chat trying to find someone to do stuff for me. I raid on a regular basis with my main, and only do alt runs on 1 toon because i just dont want to raid on all 5.

    So what it comes down to is, would it be best to have a 2nd enchanter on my "main alt" to DE when i get upgrades and LFR stuff? Or do i want a 3rd alchemist for potion specialization? Will extra sha crystal CDs be more valuable than potion procs?
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    If it is a question of repeating profs - only choose mining + alchemy (with different specs). Alchemy is OP money saver + money maker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    If it is a question of repeating profs - only choose mining + alchemy (with different specs). Alchemy is OP money saver + money maker.
    Not true, I have 4 scribes, and 4 enchanters right now. I get 4 darkmoon cards a day, and 4 sha crystal cd's means I can live off just those cd's. Transmute alchemy and enchanting is kind of the same for me right now, they have nerfed the proc rate of transmute through the ground, so its few or far between.

    In terms of the orginal question, I would go with the 2nd enchanter, because you'll be able to DE other gear you get, which is always good when it comes to getting upgrades. Instead of just vendoring the item, you can DE it and have the sha crystal. However, a potion specced alchemist is not going to be bad in terms of supplying your own raiding materials.

    If you have 5 toons, to completely maintain what you want and to be completely self-sufficient you will need 1 of the following.
    - jewelcrafter
    - enchanter
    - elixir specced alchemist
    - potion specced alchemist
    - scribe
    - tailor/leatherworker (depending on what your main is, ideally you have one of each)
    - blacksmith

    That gives you 7/8 spots (dependin on what you do with leatherworking/tailoring. That gives you 2/3 spots to have either mining/herbing/skinning, or multiples of professions.
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    I have all the other profs covered, I just am forced to either double up on a prof or take a prof that doesnt provide anything really useful (engineering, tailoring, skinning).
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