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    ███████ [A] ∞Infinity∞ 11/16H LF Disc / Shadow / Hunter ! ███████

    Hello All,

    <Infinity> is a long standing guild that has been active and raiding competitively since Vanilla. We have called Bloodscalp our home since 2004, unfortunately, along with many others, our server took a dive and activity fell off the charts. With little real competition left, and a dwindling pool of players, it was time to move on. We are happy to call Mannoroth our new home, we look forward to meeting new people, having new experiences, and establishing new rivalries. Looking forward into MoP, Infinity plans to assert ourselves among the top that this server has to offer.

    We are currently 11/16H, with 6/6H MV and 4/6H HoF and 1/4H ToES for a server Rank 3.
    We are progressing steadily and keeping pace- even surpassing some guilds that raid an entire extra day on us. Our aim is to kill at least one new progression boss kill each week, if not more.

    Our current raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00PM ST (EST) to 11:00PM ST (EST)
    . Depending on the successes or failures of the week we sometimes schedule an additional Sunday "clean-up" raid so that our T/W/Th raids are not constrained by time (16 bosses FTL). This is by no means mandatory, however it is encouraged so that potential upgrades do not rot. Also, being a relatively light nine hour schedule, you should come prepared to make all three nights, for all three hours. Attendance is paramount, as is preparedness; if you need to be explained an encounter top to bottom, that tells me one thing- that you are looking for a free ride, and you need not apply.

    Loot is distributed via Loot Council- with progression at the forefront of the decision making process.
    To keep it short and sweet- show up, do your job (WELL), and don't worry, you will be rewarded in time. Pretty simple. Attendance and loot are both tracked on our public DKP-style website to assist in more difficult decisions.


    Recruitment is currently LIMITED

    Listed specializations are preferred, but not limited too.


    (1) Shadow Priest
    (1) Hunter

    (1) Discipline Priest (preferred) or Restoration Shaman


    Please Note: We are ALWAYS accepting applications for exceptional players, even if your class/role is not listed above.

    Potential applicants should have a gear ilvl of 492+


    Our previous realms accomplishments and tier breakdowns were the following:

    We completed 8/8H Dragon Soul at 10% on March 18, 2012.
    The previous tier (12) was completed at 7/7 Heroic - US 148, on October 09, 2011.
    Additionally, we completed T11 at 13/13H, June 21, 2011.

    Tier 13-
    Dragon Soul: 8/8H 25m - Server 1st H Morchok, H Warlord, H Yor'sahj (only 25m), H Hagara, H Ultraxion, H Warmaster Blackhorn, H Spine of Deathwing and H Madness of Deathwing.
    TLDR: All heroic server firsts.
    Tier 12-
    Firelands: 7/7H 10m, 6/7H 25m (5/7H 25m pre-nerf) - Server 1st kills: H Ragnaros, H Shannox, H Alysrazor, H Majordomo Staghelm, H Baleroc(25m), H Bethtilac(25m), and H Rhyolith(25m).
    Server 1st Glory of the Firelands Raider.
    Tier 11-
    Blackwing Descent: 6/6H - Server 1st H Nefarian and H Magmaw (25m).
    Bastion of Twilight: 5/5H - Server 1st Sinestra, H Cho'gall, H Ascendant Council and H Halfus.
    Throne of Four Winds: 2/2H - Realm First H Al'Akir.
    Server 1st Glory of the Cataclysm Raider and only guild to get it when it was current content.
    We also earned all 6 Realm First! Guild Achievements during Cataclysm (Deathwing, Ragnaros, Sinestra, Nefarian, Al'Akir and Guild Level 25).


    If you think that Infinity is right for you, head over to www.Infinitewipes.com, register, and fill out the provided application template on our recruitment forums.

    Any further questions can directed to our Officer core or Council:
    GM: Jadez
    Officer: Nikolaz
    Officer: Klugheit
    Officer: Jaychi
    Officer: Sugarhots

    Track us down in game or just hit up our message boards!
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    strike enhance for hunter.

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    whats ur battle tag? would like to talk

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