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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    Not even remotely close to a scam.
    well, by definition, that is what a scam is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yoonalol View Post
    wat are the 2 gob mounts.. i only know the trike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudor View Post
    Say I post an item from an alt for 7k gold and its really just worth 3k, and I say in trade WTB "THIS ITEM" for 10k gold!

    And someone then buys the item off AH and I log off.

    Is this banable or considererd scamming?
    Not bannable. Scam? Yes in that you are making a claim which you have no intention of fulfilling thus depriving someone of their resources. Congratulations on your aspirations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post
    Lol...I did something similar back in Wrath. I logged into a second account, and on my main account, I posted an item to sell in trade for 'best offer'. As soon as someone started to bid, I'd use my second account to inflate the price. If my second account ended up winning because nobody else would outbid after a certain point, I'd whisper the last bidder and tell them the winner logged off or something :-) I sold so many things that way.

    Is it scamming? Sure. If nobody finds out, or hell, even if they do, who cares? It isn't anything blizzard is going to cry over. It isn't the sort of scamming they're interested in. You aren't stealing anything from them; they give you gold, you give them the item(s). While they may have paid an inflated price for it, it still isn't considered stealing.
    That's sad you would do that.

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    Why has MMO-Champion become the forum for discussing how to be a jerk? Yesterday it was bragging about being a parasite in LFR, and today it is taking advantage of the unwary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    Just because you say you will buy something from someone doesn't mean you have to. Nothing changed hands. The only time Blizz will get involved is if you agreed to a trade and 1 side didn't hold up their end. As in, you agree to buy it for 10k, but only put in 1k.
    I am not saying Blizz will ALWAYS back you, however I have seen instances where they followed through on complaints of violating verbal agreements. It's the same as in real life, verbal agreements ARE binding. But there's a difference between "WTB '93 Chevy for $3000" and "Hey, I will buy your '93 Chevy for $3000". The first, is almost completely non-binding. The second, however, constitutes an offer; which, if accepted, is a binding agreement. Blizzard, sometimes, treats in game agreements the same way. IRL if this is only spoken then it can turn into a hearsay fest in which case you have no shot of getting recompense if nothing changed hands, however Blizzard can see what people said to each other, so they can easily uphold it if they choose to.

    That said, will they? In some cases I have seen friends who had similar things happen (crafted something for someone to sell it to them and they backed out of buying it) have the trades enforced by GMs. I have also seen the opposite where they would not. So simply not making an exchange at all will not prevent a backlash. The important thing is to not make any direct agreements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostSkull View Post
    Why has MMO-Champion become the forum for discussing how to be a jerk? Yesterday it was bragging about being a parasite in LFR, and today it is taking advantage of the unwary.
    A fool and his gold are soon parted, better they learn the lesson in WoW than in real life when it counts for more. Besides, it's just business, and business is war. Anything goes in war.
    Druidjezus' Law: "As the length of any online discussion increases, the probability that [insert any topic here] will be mentioned approaches 1, duh."
    I am the Druid Jesus, and I approve of this message.

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    are you the one making 3 threads in wow eu general ?

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    Id personally class it as a scam, if you pulled it off..

    In all fairness, it does take stupidity of somebody to actually buy the item off the ah from your alt to try and sell back to you.

    to be honest though, its more about how you set it up, if you AHed the item, which somebody bought, to try sell back to you, then its not your problem, thats their greed in trying to make a few k more.

    Ive seen people fall to this before, and whine about it.. you may get the result of somebody adding you to try sell you the item when you log back on, for you to tell them "that you already have it now, but thanks anyway"

    Eventually if you manage to pull it off, it will turn around and bite you on the ass becaus people will eventually become wise to your schemes.

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