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    Feral Thoughts … (PvE)

    This tier we are doing not that bad but compared with some other melees we are somehow behind them. Fury warriors, rogues, frost DK and enhancement shamans are above us on the most fights for this tier in general.


    I’m pretty sure SoF will stay best choice for 5.2. Incarnation is not that bad but after Berserk is off your dps will go down no matter how hard you are spamming Ravage. Force of Nature has been revamped but I really doubt that it will replace SoF. Incarnation can be very useful on Stone Guard (heroic only) and 4th boss in HoF( heroic only) but as I said SoF is the best choice for the mostferal druids.

    DoC – Personally I dislike this talent. It’s quite unfriendly for a beginner. Indeed, after some practice you get it but for me it’s still pain the ass. Feral rotation is enough complicated, one more additional spell in your rotation doesn’t sound good to me. Don’t get me wrong when I said complicated. What I mean that our rotation is very unforgiving if you make a mistake. Spending 25% damage bonus from DoC on Shred/Mangle is a waste. Sometimes you just don’t have the amount of energy to build up 5 CP and apply Rip with 25% damage bonus. SoF+DoC is best dps combination probably will stay for 5.2 unless developers make changes which is quite unlikely. Yes, we are not forced to use DoC, but when you know that there is batter talent then you use (NV, HotW) you would like to switch to it.

    HotW – Since they nerfed I don’t swap with caster weapon (was really fun though spamming Wrath for 40 sec and doing insane dps). It might be useful for Tranq but after you are done with the cast the rest of time while the talent buff is active is completely wasted unless you’re on 4th boss in HoF and casting Hurricane for example. Wrath still hit decently but it’s much better to stay on the boss as a melee.

    NV – Really disappointed they nerfed it. Even with shorter cd DoC, HofW will be better. Let’s not ignore the 6% agility bonus from HoftW which is not bad at all.

    Maybe with some spell/talent changes feral could be improved. What I’m talking about is more energy regeneration/haste wouldn’t bad that bad or at least increasing the duration of Berserk or reducing its cd, or maybe adding new talents. But this is up to the developers.

    At least hopefully we’ll get better set bonuses from the upcoming tier.

    What I hope to happen to feral in near future is if you make a mistake to not screw up your rotation totally. Just somehow feral rotation to be friendlier.

    Thank you for your time.

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    It's simple enough. If you are new to feral, you don't pick DoC. If you start getting a feeling for it you are going to switch to it eventually. It allows each individual player to choose for themselves if they want to minmax and pick the DoC talent or if they just want to do decent and pick something of the other 2. Without DoC the feral priority list is really simple, choosing between preferable playstyle is not really common and as far as i know no other class has the privilege to do it.

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    I agree with niju. DoC has the potential to be the highest damage talent but when used incorrectly, it will end up as a dps loss. I'm currently using Sotw/NV but will eventually move up to DoC for 5.2

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    I want to know what the Tier bonus will be, im considering to use the PVP ones because the +time on savage roar and the free ravage every 20 secs seems pretty cool to me.

    Also i really expect to see some feral buffs soon because i feel our rotation needs alittle bit more concentration than the other ones and out damage isnt really great compared to the other melee classes.

    I was running incarnation + NV because i was using the infinite mega rip exploit but it has been hotfixed yesterday ill swich back to Sotf + DoC.

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    I think the Feral rotation is right where the class wants it. Pay attention and you'll do great. I wouldn't want to end up like Rogues where it's something like Mangle-mash -> Finisher -> Mangle-mash -> Finisher.

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    I've worked hard to become better at DoC but eventually went back to HoTW simply for raid utility. On any progression fight I've found even just the tranquility super useful since we're always cutting healers and having another raid CD is pretty significant. Either way I'm not too upset about where we are ... can't always be on top of the heap.

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    hotw is great for 10 man.

    DoC is easy enough its just keeping things rolling when theres multiple target swaps thats tough. We need a cleave ability :>

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