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    problem with 3v3 party healing macro

    The macro is supposed to heal my party 1 and then if i press alt , it heals me.If I hold down ctrl , it heals party 2.It's only working for party one and myself, but not party 2.How can I fix this so it heals party 2 as well?

    /cast [modifier:alt, target=Sinzia]Healing Wave;[modifier:ctrl, target=party2]Healing Wave;[target=party1]Healing Wave

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    /cast [mod:ctrl,@party2][mod:alt,@player][@party1] Healing Wave

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    thank you so much for the quick replay woogs !!, i tried it and it works very well.

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    okay i'm back again, there is another problem with my macro, it works for buttons, but not for my mousewheel-up, mousewheel-down roller button on my mouse .I only use "Mousewheel-up" for riptide and mousewheel-down for Healign surge is there a way to incorporate this in those specific macros ? all the other macros tied to my keyboard buttons(1-6) work.

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