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    First Time Rogue, Advice Please, Be as harsh or gentle as you want


    Ok so I've levelled a rogue to level 89, and I'm not far off 90, I've done the usual boring faceroll levelling part as with my numerous toons, but I really want to get my rogue into pvp. I'm not one of these retards that is like OMGICANPUSHBUTTONSANDWINGAMEZTHNKZ, I just want some advice on maybe what youtube pvpers to watch, what websites to go to, what people to armoury or whatever, so that I can get a better understanding of what should be expected of me. I want to be one of those rogues that just stunlocks the shit out of people then lolz everywhere, ninjacapping flags and generally being a baws! I don't know how hard or easy this is, but some input would be cool! Cheers!

    ps) the reason I have levelled a rogue is because I was sick of getting my ass handed to me by rogues in BG's, and imagined they would have a high skillcap which intrigued me

    cheers for all replies in advance

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    All i can say as of now, gemming almost full pvp resi beats pvp power.

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    I've recently rerolled from warrior and am a fairly new rogue. What i've seen so far is that pvping as a rogue is really about timing, knowing what shares DR's with your CC and getting great openers. I would watch twitch.tv if i were you. Some good rogues are RZN, Samx, Woundman and Nahj. I find them entertaining to watch and learn the most by just watching them and surfing through mmo-champ etc from time to time. We are really squishy right now so Delighted is right in gemming resil. Our damage isn't amazing so being a great utility and cc player is key and knowing when to pop your burst whether to peel off your healer or kill a target within a stunlock. Don't bother with 2's ...with our current standpoint (imo) I just don't see us getting too high. 3's is less frustrating and more suitable for rogues at the time since we rely on other dps to help. (Kinda feels like warrior in cata in that pov). I have high hopes in 5.2 this will all change. (Btw Rzn specifically streams 5.2 PTR rogue.)

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