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    Boomkin Funny Image Request

    Hello! I'm seeking for a specific picture that has never been made on the internet to this day so it gonna requieres someone skilled with photoshop. I'm looking for a picture with theses elements:

    Grumpy cat classic meme face
    Moonfire reflecting in the sunglasses

    I think this would be by far the most epic boomkin meme ever! Thanks!
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    Honest question:

    Are you 10 years old?

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    Can we not have WoW memes please. The regular are bad enough ._.

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    Grumpy cat would never approve of sunglasses, or moonfire

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    Quote Originally Posted by durrtygoodz View Post
    Honest question:

    Are you 10 years old?
    Nope, just a guy looking for a forum avatar on the new forum of my guild... no need to be that rude.

    Anyway, someone made it for me in my guild. Thanks tho!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boticha View Post
    Why do you have to be so agressive toward me asking something that doesn't concern you? Are you a 10 years old boy trying to play the big guy?
    If you really consider that "so aggressive", then you have a lot of the world to experience yet.
    "Somebody punch that guy in the face really fucking hard."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Les Grossman View Post
    If you really consider that "so aggressive", then you have a lot of the world to experience yet.
    I'm the kind who consider any useless agression to be too much. With experience comes wisdom and you will see one day that a small provocation can have very big consequences at the end.

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    Locking this thread as I don't see any forseeable constructiveness.
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