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    Help me choose a profession

    Game is installing at the moment. I'm really torn between ALL of the classes as they all look great so here's what I like in a class so you guys can help me pick :
    I don't like to die easily. This doesn't mean I need to be a tank, I just need survivability.
    In WoW, my favorite class was definitely the hunter.
    I'm going to be playing PvP.
    I like quirky/fun abilities. i.e Eyes of the Beast , Levitate, Disengage (WoW)
    I don't intend to be partying up with friends much.
    I prefer ranged, but I'm not opposed to melee.

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    They frown on these types of threads here but before they close it here's a tip:

    Roll a toon, after you finish the tutorial go to the Heart of the Mists (pvp lobby - crossed sword icon). There you are boosted to 80 and can play with all the gear, weapons, sigils, etc., and practice on target dummies or jump into a hot join match (8-12 players, like a BG).

    That might give you a better idea of what kind of playstyle you like
    Valar morghulis

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    Must...resist...urge...to post...link to own guide...

    In all seriousness, this thread is likely to be closed very quickly, much as Karizee mentioned. Here's a link to a sticky that might help you out: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...scussion-Index

    (Looks like I just referenced my own guide indirectly...oops. )

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    "What class/server/race/gender/faction/blahblah" type threads are not encouraged.



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