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    Frost DK rotation problems =/

    Hello guys

    Well, I'm playing DK Frost 2H and I can play 80% as well. Now I'm trying to learn to play the DW, but I'm really having a lot of problems =/.

    I've been reading the forums but still have not managed correctly understand the rotation then I'm asking here: What is the priority? How to properly spend my runes as DW? HB in Frost and Death, and Plague Strike/DnD in Unholy?

    What talent do I choose? BT, RE, RC?

    Sorry for my questions and my bad english.

    My profile: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...3%B8s/advanced

    Starshatter normal upgrade lvl 2 for 2H
    Elegion Normal and Kilrak RF (with legendary gem) for DW (no upgrades atm)

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    I had seen this topic.

    But... i have DD/FF/UU.

    HB-HB-HB-HB (is correct?)... and have 2 Unholy Runes... and now?
    And I saw people talking about obliterate in DW oO

    I'm really confused about this and really apologize if my questions are repetitive =/

    Thx all

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    Drop Death and Decay. For more specific details, read Mendenbarr's post in the thread linked earlier, or read up on EJ's Frost thread.

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    How you spend your unholy runes is tricky business. Check out post #15 on the link Italiandk posted. In this post Mendenbarr explains how to best use those pesky unholy runes. Also something that isn't much discussed but I am doing is to use Blood Tap (tier 5 talent) immediately after spending an unholy run to make it come back as a death rune. This lets you cast HB an extra time, which is optimal compared to the other ways unholy runes can be spent. It's harder to manage than Runic Empowerement but can yeild similar or better dps when used properly. Also look into using Plauge leech (tier 1 talent). This will allow you to get an extra rune and then spend one of your unholy runes on a plague strike (which will apply blood plague to the target, this is assuming outbreak is down, which is discussed in Mendenbarr's post)

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