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    Cool [H]Twisting Nether- Infinite Loop [10man] 3/16 HC

    Infinite Loop was set up by a group of real life friends who no longer had the time to do hardcore raids 4 or 5 nights a week. We also didn't want to play in a "casual" guild as after having been in a few, we found that there was close to zero progress. So we are below "Hardcore" but a LONG way above "Casual".

    Infinite Loop was set up with a few key ideas in mind:

    To stay personal - Big guilds can be empty places where no one knows anyone, plus, they usually develop cliques where other players can feel alienated. We want one clique, the entire guild.

    Keep it small - Provide a place for a core of 10-15 players to be able to play with other players of reasonable skill level. We are a social guild, but we take our raiding very seriously. We only have one raid team and currently 12 raiders, so you will always get to raid with the same guys .

    - Only raid 3 nights a week - This is later than the 20:00 usual raid start time of most guilds. We all have work, real life commitments and most of us aren't ready to sit down and play until later in the evening. We raid 2100-0000 SERVER time.

    -What we provide - A very serious raiding environment where people know each other and play for the team.

    - What we ask of you - We expect all players to be competent at their class, show a willingness to learn and to take advice if needed. Players should always be punctual to raids, and if you need to sign off, you should do so with as much notice as possible (this is not 10 minutes before raid time).

    You should come prepared to all raids, this means bringing your own food, always flasked and lots of Potions of the Jade Serpent (or your class equivalent) and have a knowledge of the encounters you will face. Having your gear gemmed, enchanted, reforged and with 2 useful professions at 600 goes without saying.

    If this sounds like the kind of guild you are looking for then please post in here AND make an account at infiniteloop.shivtr.com and apply on our forum. We have recently transferred to Twisting Nether and are actively recruiting. Please check the site or whisper Leventhorpe or Gesler for more information.


    We are currently 3/6 MV Heroic 5/6 HoF so are looking for a couple of quality players to take with us into rapid progression.

    Priority is a healer (monk/priest preferred) and a ranged dps (see thread on forums for classes needed).

    Our full members receive free repairs forever. In short, if you put the work in, we will look after you .

    Add me on Real Id (Willing#2892) for any queries.
    Thanks for reading and good luck in your application.

    - Gesler
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    Also need a melee dps!

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    Prioritizing for ranged now.

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    Actively looking for a boomkin now, all other ranged classes considered.

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    Bump, still need that ranged!

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    Bump for ranged dps.

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