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    Red face Healing race?

    Which healing race of priest, pala, druid and shaman in pvp is the upper class?

    I am just wondering, I am using druid and shaman at the moment... finding druid a bit "stronger" somewhat but shaman is ok.

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    you mean class?

    atm arguably shaman is still the best due they can work with just about any comp, paladin is the best healer for cleaves, and druids tend to work well casters as they can peel the best on hard swaps but melee/caster/druid is still very much viable, priest and mistweavers are jsut inferior atm in 5.1

    ideally for rbgs you want 1 shamy,druid,paladin
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    For PvP you can never go wrong with a paladin. (biased)

    But it depends what kind of PvP you're doing. All the healers are pretty balanced. It's easy to make the most of all of them.
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    I would say it's Shaman > Paladin > Druid > Priest/Monk right now, unless you are aiming for a certain comp, of course.

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    Shaman / paladin, depending on comp.

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